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Battle of the Books List

Book List

The Young Adult program is for 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Grove and Queen of the Rosary. The program is run by the schools not by our Library. The 2014 books are out on the shelves. Start your reading early.

The Elk Grove Village Public Library provides the books and the prizes. It also hosts the final battle between the schools.

Balliett, Blue - The Calder Game

Barakat, Ibtisam - Tasting the Sky

Bragg, Georgia - How They Croaked

Budhos, Marina Tamar - Ask Me No Questions

Curtis, Christopher Paul- The Mighty Miss Malone

Giff, Patricia Reilly - Nory Ryan’s Song

Giff, Patricia Reilly - Wild Girl

Graff, Nancy Price - Taking Wing

Halls, Kelly Milner - Saving the Baghdad Zoo

Harlow, Joan Hiatt – Secret of the Night Ponies

Herlong, M.H. - The Great Wide Sea

Kadohata, Cynthia - Cracker! The Best Dog in Vietnam

Keller, Julia - Back Home

Kent, Rose - Kimchi and Calmari

Lasky, Kathryn - Lone Wolf

Levine, Kristin - The Lions of Little Rock

Lisle, Janet Taylor – Black Duck

Lupica, Mike - Miracle on 49th Street

Manzano, Sonia - The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

Martin, Ann M. - Everything for a Dog

Mikaelsen, Ben - Petey

Morpurgo, Michael - War Horse

Na, Ann - A Step From Heaven

Naidoo, Beverly - Burn My Heart

Patron, Susan - The Higher Power of Lucky

Patterson, Valerie - Operation Oleander

Sheinkin, Steve - Bomb: The Race to Build-and Steal-the World’s Most Dangerous Weapon

Smith, Sherri L. - Flygirl

Swanson, James - Chasing Lincoln’s Killer

Taylor, Theodore - Lord of the Kill

Wiles, Deborah - Countdown

Williams-Garcia, Rita - One Crazy Summer

Last Updated: November 1, 2013

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