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Battle of the Books 4th & 5th Grade

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Fourth & Fifth Grade Roster 2017

TeamTeam NameParticipants
1 Fantastic FourBilliJo M, BobbiJo M, Asley V, Crystal P
2 Sassy Malapoulos Yocelyn V, Alexis A, Izabella MP, Isabella M
3 Fighting BadgersValeria D, Ysela S, Mia J, Eva M
4 MAKK BooksManushri M, Khashika N, Aparna P, Krish S
5 Pink Fluffy Unicorn KingsRitvik K, George D, Luke B, Danny F
6 Super ReadersNiko P, Divis M, Alyson F, Amanda P
7 The Page BurnersReyna P, Alexa O, Diya P, Teodoria S
8 Page RippersAudrey S, Delaney M, Addison K, Emma S
9 Amazing ReadersJames K, John K, Nicasio, A, Libby B
10 Readers "R" LeadersCharles C, Kayce W, Daniel F, Fatima A
11 Funky MonkeyFrankie R, Angelica A, Jacob G, Jacob M
12 The Cobble KongsOlivia H, Isabella A, Amber I
13 The Black LabsMaddie L, Ashley l, Sailor T, Rachel K
14 Book Smashers Maddie L, Ashley l, Sailor T, Rachel K
15 The Facebooks Cameron M, Jacob G, Molly W, Maya C
16 Reading Rockets Marissa A, Joseph A, Emily E, David S
17 Chapter Chics Reese G, Molly B, Emily R, Julia B
18 The A Team Adam K, Abby S, Aiden Arens, Adam C

Last Update: January 10, 2017

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