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Summer Reading Program

Read for the Win!

Read for the Win!
June 13 - July 29, 2016

Youth Services is celebrating sports, games, and achievement this summer. Games and prizes will be part of the fun! Come in and join the program starting Monday, June 13 at 9:30am. Youth Services will be giving out a special drawstring backpack to every read-to-me and reader who registers for the summer reading program on opening day.

Program Finale

Win with Dr. Gesundheit
Wednesday, August 3 at 7pm or
Thursday, August 4 at 11am, 1:30pm, or 7pm

All participants who finish the summer reading program will receive a ticket to come to this special library-only version of Dr. Gesundheit's famous Clown Therapy Show.

Dr. Gesundheit mixes classic American slapstick with eccentric dance, ridiculous juggling, absurd hat tricks, and silly harmonica and ukulele music. Through active and creative audience participation and a unique game/sports format, the audience will learn that they can all be winners by taking chances, attempting new skills, and working together.

Weekly Raffles

Each week, participants registered for the summer reading program have a chance to win additional weekly prizes. Weekly raffles take place on Saturdays at 11am in Youth Services. Congratulations to our winners so far!

Week 1 Winners [+]

Buttles, B.
Cerniglia, A.
Chiareiello, G.
Edson, A.
Fuentes, T.
Gomez, R.
Gong, L.
Herrick, L.
Keigher, J.
Kim, L.
Korzen, J.
Kremer, D.
Marzan, G.
Medina, A.
Papucci, L.
Reabc, C.
Rodriguez, L.
Shukla, V.
Stabley. C.
Stamper, A.
Thakkar, A.
Voelkner, C.
Walter, T.
Whitchurch, R.

Week 2 Winners [+]

Alva, M.
Brondsema, L.
Dodaro, A.
Dravilas, A.
Gorail, A.
Hoobert, I.
Hromada, S.
Jenkins, C.
Kocian, D.
Lang, N.
Magenta, A.
Martinez, O.
McCarty, B.
Parikh, M.
Reinke, B.
Reinke, O.
Rider, A.
Ritt, J.
Roberson, M.
Schlosser, B.
Shah, J.
Staniak, B.
Thakker, S.
Wallenberger, P.
Walter, P.

Week 3 Winners [+]

Acino, L.
Bacigalupo, J.
Bookler, K.
Casey, A.
Dompke, K.
Gbur, A.
Gryzik, J.
Henkelman, L.
Kartal, S.
Kermath, N.
Kocian, D.
Korzen, L.
Malone, K.
Malone, R.
Murray, R.
Nakayama, H.
Oddo, S.
Pieniadz, J.
Russo, K.
Sacha, D.
Schumacher, E.
Shook, I.
Stein, A.
Szostak, C.
Wallenberger, P.

Week 4 Winners [+]

Fann, A.
Fausher, L.
Gaik, A.
Gauinski, G.
Gritchin, K.
Guzik, D.
Heyne, Z.
Levsky, H.
Malone, R.
Miller, A.
Moore, O.
Nordstrom, A.
Patel, D.
Petras, P.
Pontrelli, M.
Reinke, B.
Uc, J.
Wheatley, M.
Salamanca, N.
Sehgal, S.
Srosheh, V.
Szeszko, O.
Zaprzal, J.
Zimmerman, E.

Week 5 Winners [+]

Arens, E.
Banker, S.
Biedke, M.
Bookler, E.
Driadkowiec, E.
Dziadkoviec, A.
Gardner, A.
Gardner, P.
Gawinski, G.
Greig, F.
Herman, C.
Hom, Z.
Horan, E.
Hutchins, S.
Ja, D.
Kawamura, A.
Kwan, H.
Lehning, A.
Napoli, R.
Naumann, G.
Romanski, M.
Sehgal, S.
Szostak, V.
Whitchurch, N.

Week 6 Winners [+]

Abasolo, C.
Bookler, E.
Bowen, E.
Carter, A.
Chi, D.
Headley, J.
Humphrey, C.
Kolcz, J.
Laspisa, E.
Malinski, M.
Malone, K.
McCormick, M.
Michelini, O.
Mikel, A.
Perkins, M.
Pilecki, C.
Ravichandran, B.
Rico, V.
Runke, B.
Semrau, E.
Stella, L.
Szaraniec, V.
Tichy, P.
Vespo, M.
Whitchurch, N.

Week 7 Winners [+]

Barnes, ?
Barrett, A.
Batura, P.
Bavido, N.
Bhalla, S.
Bookler, B.
Bookler, H.
Burgos, J.
Churi, X.
Chretien, M.
Conner, K.
Dravilas, A.
Greig, N.
Grigoreva, A.
Herman, E.
Imura, S.
J., Marlena
Ja, D.
Jacobs, S.
Kokonas, C.
Lee, T.
Magenta, S.
Majedi, D.
Malik, S.
Melford, T.
Mitchell, M.
Nelson, D.
Odda, C.
Reabe, C.
Rogner, D.
Sifnotis, G.
Sikora, A.
Sitter, L.
Szareniec, D.
Szareniec, V.
Trojnal, M.
Wallenburger, A.
Wallenburger, Z.
Zaiter, Y.


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