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Summer Reading Program

A Universe of Stories
June 10 - July 26, 2019

Blast off to the Elk Grove Village Public Library, launch into a good book, and let your imagination take flight! Youth Services will celebrate all things space with programs, games, and prizes. Details and complete schedule will be available in Youth Services.

Opening Day
Monday, June 10 at 9:30am - 9pm

Smarty in Space:
A Big Balloon Space Odyssey Program
Large Meeting Room A/B/C at 11am and 1:30pm

Rocket into space with Smarty Pants! Learn about the planets, rocket propulsion, and astronaut training during this entertaining show full of magic, comedy, and award-winning, eye-popping giant balloon props. We will even create a scale model of the solar system! This is a ticketed event. Tickets will be distributed on a first come first serve basis at the Youth Reference Desk 30 minutes before the start of each show.

A Universe of Stories

Tote Bag Giveaway
Youth Services will be giving out a special "A Universe of Stories" tote bag to everyone who registers for the Summer Reading Program on Opening Day. Come in the Library to sign up and pick out something to read.

Elk Grove Park District Prize Drawing
The Elk Grove Park District will be in our lobby from 9:30am to 4:30pm. If you are here during those hours, show them your reading program tote bag and they will enter you into a prize drawing.

Story Trail
Weather permitting, spend some time outside on our Opening Day Story Trail. Follow the story pages and our book will lead you on a walk around the Library.


Weekly Raffles

Each week, participants registered for the summer reading program have a chance to win additional weekly prizes. Weekly raffles take place on Mondays at 11am in Youth Services. Congratulations to our winners so far!

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Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Betkowski, D.
Holt, J.
Jasak, A.
Bookler, E.
Palma, A.
Patel, R.
Patel, R.
Pryor, G.
Laban, A..
Sanders, E.
Weichenhain, C.
Bergner, K.
Mounglene, R.
Park, H.
Simantz, B.
Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Reabe, A.
Sosinski, N.
Wehrman, E.
Hernandez, M.
Takeda, M.
Leininger, L.
Miller, V.
Stein, A.
Kitzinger, G.
Stevonovic, S.
Warner, E.
Gawinski, G.
Parikh, M.
Redmon, R.
Song, J.
Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Centeno, A.
Reinke, O.
Zajac, O.
Hernandez, M.
Zawadowicz, A.
Jones, E.
Karabaliev, V.
Meents, H.
Burns, E.
Opozda, S.
Radomski, G.
Aguilar, M.
Arens, E.
Janson, M.
Sobieski, W.
Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Betkowski, D.
Motov, A.
Wienc, M.
Larkin, E.
Reinke, O.
Larkin, J.
Prabhu, P.
Witek, A.
Villagomez, P.
Wallenberger, P.
Zarinana, A.
Bookler, B.
Harbison, H.
Qion, J.
Yasin, R.
Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Greig, N.
Slimak, C.
Zdanewicz, M.
Meents, A.
Melford, T.J.
Centeno, A.
Flynn, W.
Yamashita, K.
Kuliyeva, Y.
Prabhu, P.
Suresh, A.
Blaszko, E.
Delutio, E.
O'Malley, E.
Nevaroz, R.
Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Flynn, P.
Pierce, R.
Vega, E.
Serafini, A.
Vincent, E.
Gawinski, G.
Kamal, N.
Knapp, T.
Aoradia, S.
Render, D.
Wuang, E.
Faraj, S.
Gupta, N.
Lang, N.
Vespo, M.
Soccer BallBarnes & NoblePuzzleLego SetMovie Ticket
Curtin, C.
Devereaux, B.
Szwaja, J.
Reinke, Bailey
Sharaf, N.
Devereaux, E.
Kuczala, A.
Vega, E.
Gaik, S.
Nevarez, R.
Tsang, K.
Greig, N.
Melford, T.
Reinke, O.
Rider, J.


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