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Winter Reading Program

Chicago Wolves - Read to Succeed
January 11 - February 28, 2014

The Youth Services Winter Reading Program is co-sponsored by the Chicago Wolves Hockey Team.

Register at the Youth Reference Desk any time starting January 11 at 9:30am. Register Opening Day (January 11) to be entered in our raffle for a chance to win a Wolves hockey jersey.

Chicago Wolves Read to Succeed Pennant - Winter Reading Program 2014

Earn two tickets for every 30 minutes you read. One ticket is for our weekly drawings (Saturdays at 11am), and the other ticket is for our program finale drawing (March 1 at 11am).

Special Events and Raffles

Showtime Tony - January 11 at 11am - 3pm
Hockey Jersey Drawing - January 11 at 4:30pm
Chicago Wolves Visit - February 18 at 7pm
Weekly Raffles - Saturday mornings at 11am
Final Raffle - March 1 at 11am

Reading Program Information

Weekly/Final Raffle Prize List Opens in a new window
Hockey Jersey Winners
Weekly Raffle Winners
Final Raffle Winners Opens in a new window

Winners Lists

Hockey Jersey Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the three (3) winners of a Chicago Wolves replica hockey jersey!

Giovanni Mazza
Krisha Patel
Stephanie Vasquez

Weekly Raffle Winners

Congratulations to last week's raffle winners! Prizes raffled off are two (2) pairs of Wolves tickets, four (4) Wolves hats, and four (4) Wolves beanie pucks. Keep reading for a chance to win this week!

Week Wolves Tickets Wolves Hat Beanie Puck
1 Barrett, Miles
Schulz, Andrew
Fitzgerald, Ben
Guzik, Dominik
Kaliszuk, Michael
Para, Alek
Fitzgerald, Ben
Guzik, Dominik
Schulz, M.
Szarzynski, Sam
2 Guzik, Dayana
Schulz, A.
Casey, Addison
Casey, Trevor
Para, Carolina
Sacha, Samuel
Casey, Addison
Casey, Trevor
Francis, Rachel
Gardner, Sam
3 Casey, Addison
Fitzgerald, Mary
Hermann, Page
Pfeifer, Kyle
Schulz, Hannah
Takahashi, Alissa
Guzik, Dajana
Jacquart, Jacob
Para, Alex
Zanger, Briana
4 Gasser, Noah
Kurowski, Aleksy
Clary, Kaitlyn
Fitzgerald, Mary
Voelkner, Liam
Wood, Jacob
Joseph, Maiya
Pantazis, Kosta
Para, Carolina
Zanger, Dominic
5 Para, Carolina
Takahashi, Tylor
Gryzik, Payton
Medina, Aidan
Medina, Makayla
Pantazis, Peter
Hermann, Paige
Hetherington, Oliver
Hirsch, Lily
Schulz, Andrew
6 Schulz, M.
Zanger, Dominic
Blezien, Colbie
Kroll, Sean
Patel, Reyna
Sheikh, Khizar
Fedarvicius, Meda
Martorano, Joey
Pantazis, Peter
Voelkner, Liam
7 Maldonado, Isabella
Pantazis, Peter
Sacha, Daria
Schlosser, Benny
Smith, Catherine
Bezanson, Noah
Fann, Adriana
Fedaravicius, Lukas
Gardner, Joshua
Gotski, T.
Mullen, Madison
Olsen, Alexander
Sasajima, Sota
Wadas, Valerie
Govert, Nate
Hanley, Isabella
Jaworsky, Jason
Medina, Makayla
Novoselsky, Sean
Shulz, R.
Smith, Catherine
Smith, Dan
Voelkner, Chase

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