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Library Board

Board of Trustees

  • Bruce Barnett, President
  • Gil Schumm, Secretary
  • Timothy Burns
  • James J. Colgan
  • Donald Henderson
  • JoAnn Shafar
  • Sheryl Stogis


The Library Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Large Meeting Room. Past meetings will be linked to an audio recording for that date. Meeting agendas are also available for download. The following are upcoming meetings for this year.

January 7Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
February 4Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
March 4Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
April 1Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
May 6Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
June 3Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
July 7Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
August 5Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
  Executive Session (PDF)
September 2Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
Next meeting on September 2 October 7Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
November 4Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)
December 2Audio (MP3)Agenda (PDF)


The following are PDF files of the minutes recorded during each Library Board meeting, approved by the Library Board of Trustees. Click on a link to view them.

Last Update: September 4, 2014

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