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Library Cards

Did you know your child can get a library card as soon as they're born? Stop by the Circulation Services Desk or call us at(847) 439-0447 x 238 for details.

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Unattended Children

Guidelines to best ensure the safety of all children including their well being during Library programs, appropriate behavior, and parental/guardian and librarian responsibilities.

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Computers and Internet Policy

An excellent resource for parents and guardians of information about computer room and Internet use procedures, restrictions, and rules for kids under 17.

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Preschools and Day Cares

A detailed list of licensed preschools and day cares in Elk Grove Village.

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Homework Resources

Links to helpful homework websites provide live online tutoring, quizzes, and more.

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Recommended Websites

Youth Services recommends these kid-friendly websites that explore homeschooling, preschools, toys, and more.

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