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Unattended Children

The Elk Grove Village Public Library is not responsible for children left unattended by their parents, guardians, or other authorized caregivers during Library hours or after the Library closes. Parents, guardians, or other authorized caregivers are responsible for the discipline, care, and safety of their children. The Library Board has adopted the following guidelines, in order to best ensure the safety of all children. Thank you for your cooperation.


Children under the age of six years or not yet in first grade, may not be left unattended by an adult in any part of the Library. If children under the age of six are found without an adult, staff will attempt to locate the parent, guardian, or other authorized caregiver. If the parent, guardian or other authorized caregiver cannot be located in the building or by phone within 20 minutes, the Elk Grove Village Police Department will be called to pick up the child for safekeeping.

Children in Library Programs

During story times or other programs, adults, who do not attend the program with the preschool child, must remain in Youth Services until the end of the program. Very young children occasionally need the attention of their parents during the programs, and become anxious when they are unavailable. If a child aged 7 or above, is in a Library sponsored program, the parent may leave the Library for the duration of the program.

Self-supervised Youth Ages 7 and Up

Children ages 7 and up are welcome to use the Library without adult supervision. They will be expected to display appropriate behavior, conducive to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the Library. Parents should be advised that if their children misbehave, they are subject to removal from the Library and the Library grounds. Parents should further realize that, even in their absence, they are legally responsible for their children's behavior.

Unattended Youth at Closing Time

If in the opinion of the staff members present, a child's well-being is in doubt, the staff shall make at least two attempts in the last 10 minutes before closing, to reach a parent, guardian, or other authorized caregiver. In the event that these attempts are unsuccessful, and the parent, guardian, or other authorized caregiver has not arrived within 15 minutes after closing, the staff shall contact the Elk Grove Village Police Department to have them pick up the child for safekeeping.

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