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Book Bags

Our book bag service will supplement and enhance your classroom curriculum.

When requesting a book bag for the first time, the library will assign you a book bag library card number. Actual cards are not issued, but your number will be stored in the computer. It is not necessary to renew your book bag library card each year.

The school district van service transports the book bags. The van pick-up day for District 59 is Tuesday with delivery to the schools on Wednesday. The van pick-up day for District 54 is Wednesday with delivery to the schools the same day.

All book bag requests should be made one week prior to your district's pick-up day.

Please be sure to be specific when requesting the topic of your book bag.

Requests can be made by calling the Youth Services Department at (847) 439-0447.

Materials are loaned for one month.

Materials supplied include fiction and non-fiction books, non-fiction videos, CDs, and audiocassettes.

Limitations include C.O.R.E. books, holiday books during specific holidays, entertainment videos, and material on extremely popular subjects.

A computer printout of all materials is included in each book bag.

Book bags should be returned to your school office.

Last Updated: December 14, 2010

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