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Recommended Websites

Youth Services recommends these websites to help you explore more on a variety of topics and interests. Need additional assistance? Call Youth Services at (847) 725-2167.

Alexander, Lloyd Alexander
Alexander, Sue
Arnold, Caroline
Arnold, Tedd
Arnosky, Jim
Aylesworth, Jim
Balgassi, Haemi
Bellairs, John
Bemelmans, Ludwig
Blume, Judy
Bortz, Fred
Bourgeois, Paulette
Brett, Jan
Carle, Eric
Carlson, Nancy
Caseley, Judith
Cazet, Denys
Cleary, Beverly
Cobb, Vicki
Cole, Babette
Crews, Nina
Cuyler, Margery
DePaola, Tomie
Dr. Seuss Web Page
Fleming, Denise
Fox, Mem
George, Jean Craighead
Goennel, Heidi
Gomi, Taro
Gutman, Dan
Hamilton, Virginia
Hines, Anna Grossnickle
Hobbs, Will
Hutchins, Pat
Inkpen, Mick
Irvine, Joan
Jacques, Brian
Johnson, Crockett
Jones, Diana Wynne
Joyce, William
Keats, Ezra Jack
Kellogg, Steven
King-Smith, Dick
Koller, Jackie
Koontz, Robin Michal
Lasky, Kathryn
L'Engle, Madeleine
Lewis, C.S.
London, Jack
Long, Sylvia
MacDonald, Suse
Martin, Jacqueline Briggs
Mikaelsen, Ben
Moore, Cyd
Most, Bernard
Munsch, Robert
Myers, Walter Dean
Numeroff, Laura Joffe
Osborne, Mary Pope
Palatini, Margie
Park, Linda Sue
Partridge, Elizabeth
Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw
Paterson, Katherine
Patneaude, David
Paul, Korky
Paulsen, Gary
Peck, Sylvia
Philbrick, Rodman
Pierce, Tamora
Pilkey, Dav
Polacco, Patricia
Quackenbush, Robert
Rathmann, Peggy
Rayner, Shoo
Regan, Dian Curtis
Ross, Dave
Salisbury, Graham
Shepard, Aaron
Simon, Seymour
Skurzynski, Gloria
Smalls, Irene
Snicket, Lemony
Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Steig, William
Stevens, Janet
Stine, R.L.
Stone, Phoebe
Talbott, Hudson
Thomas, Rob
Tolkien, J.R.R.
Van Allsburg, Chris
Wardlaw, Lee
Wegman, William
Wells, Rosemary
Wilder, Laura Ingalls
Wilhelm, Hans
Winthrop, Elizabeth
Wood, Audrey
Yolen, Jane
Zalben, Jane
Zolotow, Charlotte

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