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Winter Reading Program

Chicago Wolves - Read to Succeed
January 17 - March 6, 2015

Youth Services' Winter Reading Program is co-sponsored by the Chicago Wolves Hockey Team.

Register at the Youth Reference Desk at any time. Register Opening Day for a chance to win a Wolves Hockey Jersey.

Chicago Wolves Read to Succeed Pennant - Winter Reading Program 2012

For every 30 minutes read, participants will receive two (2) tickets - one for our weekly drawing, one for the final drawing. Final drawing prizes will be for Chicago Wolves and other fun items.

Special Events and Raffles

Balloon Sculptures - January 17 at 11:30am - 3:30pm
Hockey Jersey Drawing - January 17 at 4:30pm
Chicago Wolves Visit - February 10 at 7pm
Weekly Raffles - Saturday mornings at 11am
Final Raffle for Shoe Box Items - March 7 at 11am

Reading Program Information

Weekly and Final Raffles Prize List Opens in a new window
Hockey Jersey Raffle Winners
Weekly Raffle Winners List
Shoe Box Raffle Winners List - COMING MARCH

Winners Lists

Hockey Jersey Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the three (3) winners of a Chicago Wolves replica hockey jersey:

  • T.J. M.
  • Katya C.
  • Abigail H.

Weekly Raffle Winners

Congratulations to last week's raffle winners! Prizes raffled off are two (2) pairs of Wolves tickets, four (4) Wolves hats, four (4) Wolves pennants, and one (1) backpack. Keep reading for a chance to win this week!

Week Tickets Hats Pennant Backpack
1 Molly M.
Schulz, R.
Addison C.
Michelle C.
Aidan M.
Schulz, H.
Addison C.
Rachith K.
Mia P.
Dominick G.
2 Jared A.
Boris I.
Karolina K.
Oscar K.
Mia P.
Mary F.
Lily H.
Jakub P.
Julia P.
Daria S.
3 Stephanie C.
Alyssa T.
Daniel B.
Trevor C.
Chloe C.
Nathan M.
Payton G.
Sean N.
Alex P.
Emily S.
Trevor C.
4 Samuel S.
Benny S.
Alexis A.
Madison M.
Cameron N.
Chase R.
Nathan J.
Isabella M.
Aidan M.
5 Rachith K.
Kyle P.
Jacob J.
Alex P.
Benny S.
Tylor T.
Oscar K.
Daniel M.
Nathan M.
Chase R.
Justin N.

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