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Summer Reading Program

Build a Better World

Reading Takes You Everywhere!
June 11 - July 27, 2018

Youth Services is celebrating the power of books to take us to new places, teach us about different cultures, and make our imagination soar. Programs, games, activities, and prizes will be part of the fun!

Opening Day
Monday, June 11 at 9:30am - 9pm

Youth Services will be giving out a special Reading Takes You Everywhere tote bag to every young adult who registers for the summer reading program on opening day. Come in and join the program, do an activity, and pick out something to read.

The Elk Grove Park District will be in our lobby from 9:30am to 4:30pm. If you are here during those hours, visit their table, show their staff your tote bag, and they will enter you into a drawing to win two (2) daily admission passes to Rainbow Falls or Pirate's Cove.

Weather permitting, spend some time outside on our Opening Day Story Trail. Follow the story pages and our book will lead you on a walk around the library.


Program Finale

Juggling Jeff Comedy Show
Wednesday, August 1 at 7 - 8pm
Thursday, August 2 at 11am, 1:30pm, and 7:30pm

All participants who finish the Summer Reading Program will receive a ticket to come to the Juggling Jeff Comedy Show. Full of explosive energy, audience interaction, improvisation, silly stunts, and utter ridiculousness, this show is not be missed! Jeff Koziatek is an award-winning performer who has appeared in over 3,00 shows across the country. Get on board with reading this summer and celebrate your reading achievements while having an outstandingly awesome, amazing good time with Jeff!


Weekly Raffle Winners

Congratulations to last week's raffle winners! Prizes raffled off are an Amazon gift card, a Barnes and Noble gift card, and a Target gift card. Keep reading for a chance to win this week!

Week Amazon Barnes and Noble Target
1 Brooklyn S.
Hannah V.
Logan Mc.
Emily M.
Heidi Z.
Kaitlyn C.
Ryan C.
Ava S.
Emma S.
Nathaniel S.
2 Ava T.
Vivian S.
Zoe H.
Aiden M.
Julia M.
Karolina P.
Reese G.
Amanda P.
Benjamin S.
Julisa V.
3 Alexa O.
Reyna P.
Stephanie F.
Diya P.
Jake G.
Joseph H.
Omer S.
Aidan C.
Liam O.
Megan J.
4 Azumi H.
Sean B.
Sophia C.
Kaitlyn C.
Mia I.
Morgan S.
Ysela S.
Ava S.
Emily R.
Lindsey O.
5 Diya P.
Dominik G.
Emily R.
Catherine S.
Daniel S.
Kiersten W.
Rowan S.
Annamarie D.
Morgan S.
Sean D.
6 Aidan M.
Dhruv P.
Matthew T.
Hannah L.
Kareem H.
Krisha P.
Youssef E.
Angelina B.
Azumi H.
Kelly G.


New Teen Books

New Graphic Novels

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