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Computers & WiFi

Internet Computers

The Library has internet computers available in both the Adult Computer Lab and the Youth Computer Lab. Use of these computers is free of charge. Computers in the Adult Lab are unfiltered. Computers in Youth Services allow filtered internet access only. Parental permission is required for internet use for children ages 17 and under.


Computers in both labs also have Microsoft Office 2016 installed on them including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher. In addition, the Youth Computer Lab has two (2) game computers. The Adult Computer Lab has two (2) graphics computers available with all Adobe Creative Cloud programs installed on them. Priority will be given to users with web-authoring and graphics software needs.


Free WiFi is available throughout the Library and outside in our South parking lot. It is available 24/7 even after we are closed. See the map below for the service area outside (indicated in red). No password is required. Just connect to "egvpl-hotspot" from your personal computer or mobile device and enjoy!

Map of outdoor Library WiFi range

Use of the Library's internet computers and WiFi is subject to our Internet Use Policy and WiFi Use Policy.



Color and black / white printing is available in both Adult and Youth Computer Labs. The cost per page is 10c for black / white and 25c for color.

Print from Anywhere

Send a print job from a computer, laptop, or mobile device using the Library's free WiFi or from home. Then, call our Curbside Pickup Hotline (224) 281-1157 to schedule an appointment to pick them up. Print jobs will stay in the print queue for 24 hours before being automatically deleted. Stop in the Library to pick up your prints or call us at (224) 281-1157 to schedule a curbside pickup. The cost per page is 10c for black / white and 25c for color.

Photo Printer

The photo printer is currently out of order. We are working on resolving the issue.

The Library offers photo printing services for those who wish to print photos from their phone or computer. The photo printer is located near the holds shelf next to the self-checkout station. A minimum of 50c (5 photos) per order is required. The cost per photo after 5 is 10c. Photos are printed on 4" x 6" photo paper. Patrons have 30 days to pick up their photo orders from the photo printer.

How to Print a Photo:

  • Go to www.libraryphotolab.com on your phone or computer
  • Choose the blue pin on the map for "Elk Grove Village Public Library"
  • Hit the "SELECT LOCATION" button
  • Tap or click "TAKE A PHOTO" or "FROM GALLERY"
  • Add, edit, and make copies of your selected photos
  • Hit the "PRINT" button
  • Register or login
  • Tap or click "PAY BY CARD"
  • Enter your credit card information, then select "PLACE ORDER"
  • Then, come to the Library and locate the photo printer
  • Touch the screen, then type your 4-digit code
  • Press "DONE"
  • Wait for your photos to print


The Library has several scanners available for use in the Adult Computer Lab. Scanning is free at the library. Need to print? The cost per page is 10c for black / white and 25c for color.

A computer with a flatbed scanner for documents and a Kodak scanner for photos is available in the Adult Computer Lab. Priority will be given to patrons who need to use this computer for scanning purposes.

The Adult Computer Lab also has a SimpleScan station, a standalone scanner with a self-guiding touchscreen. Save or send your scans to email, a flash drive, smart devices, Dropbox, and more. Files can be saved as MP3 (text-to-audio), PDF (searchable), Word (editable), JPEG, TIFF, and other formats. SimpleScan also has the ability to translate scanned documents into different languages.


The Library has black / white copiers available next to the Periodicals Desk in Adult Services. These machines take cash ($1 and $5 bills only) and change. Funds may be loaded onto an Elk Grove Village Public Library card. Credit or debit cards are not accepted. Please ask staff at the Periodicals Desk for assistance with loading funds or making copies.


The Library offers a fax machine for public use (for sending only, not receiving). It is located next to the copiers in Adult Services. The cost of the first page is $1.75, and $1 more per each additional page. A cover letter counts as one page and must be purchased. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Pre-loaded fax cards are also available for purchase at the Circulation Desk for use with the fax machine in the following increments:

  • $1.75 (1 page)
  • $2.75 (2 pages)
  • $3.75 (3 pages)
  • $4.75 (4 pages)
  • $5.75 (5 pages)
  • $6.75 (6 pages)

Please note that if you bought a fax card and have not sent all pages on it, you may use the remaining balance leftover within 180 days from the first transaction.


Tap into your full creative potential by learning interesting and useful skills in Elk Lab, the Library's makerspace. It has 3D printers, sewing machines, cutting and carving machines, electronic starter kits, and other maker tools and equipment. Visit the Elk Lab Makerspace page for more information.

Learn more about Elk Lab Makerspace

Assistive Services and Devices

The Elk Grove Village Public Library strives to create a welcoming space - both physical and virtual - for people of all abilities. In addition to our building being ADA compliant, the library offers a variety of assistive services and devices and web accessible features to the community.

Learn more about assistive services