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Summer Reading Program

Youth Services Summer Reading 2022

Oceans of Possibilities

June 6 - July 22, 2022

For ages birth - grade 8

Take a deep dive into all that the Library has to offer! Discover oceans of possibilities this summer when you participate in our Summer Reading Program. Youth Services will be the place to learn and discover, create, play, and earn prizes.

How to Participate

Participate In-Person

Register at the Youth Services Desk and receive a reading log. Use the paper log to track the number of minutes your child reads. You can also participate online through Beanstack.

Participate Online

Create a Beanstack account, and then register for the Oceans of Possibilities challenge or download the Beanstack Tracker app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Then, log the number of minutes you read in Beanstack.

If you already have a Beanstack account, log into your Beanstack account and find the Oceans of Possibilities challenge under the Challenges tab to register.

Call the Youth Services Department at (847) 725-2167 for questions or help.

NOTE: Please, choose to participate either online or in-person.

Opening Day

Monday, June 6, 2022

Kick off the Summer Reading Program with Kona Ice! Everyone who registers for our Youth Summer Reading on opening day will receive a FREE Kiddie Kona Ice. Youth Summer Reading Program participants must register between the hours of 9:30 am and 6:30 pm to receive a ticket for a Kiddie Kona Ice. The Kona Ice truck will be available from 1 pm to 7 pm.



Prizes for reading include a tentacle finger toy, a t-shirt, a bubble popper toy, a free McDonald's ice cream cone or cookie, and a book!


Online participants will earn a badge for every 60 minutes they read. Prizes for reading include a tentacle finger toy, a t-shirt, a bubble popper toy, a free McDonald's ice cream cone or cookie, and a book.

How to Claim Prizes

Prizes can be picked up at the Youth Services Desk starting Monday, June 13, 2022.

Final Prize Drawing

A total of eight (8) tickets will be given to you when you register. You can only receive tickets in-person at the Youth Services Desk.

When you read one book from one of our choice categories, place one ticket into the bin of the prize you would like to win. Prizes for the Final Prize Drawing include wooden puzzles, sports or playground balls, Paint by Sticker books, gift cards to Barnes & Noble, and movie tickets to Classic Cinemas.

The drawing will take place after July 22, 2022. Winners will be posted on this page and at the Youth Services Desk. If you are participating online through Beanstack, stop by the Youth Services Desk for your tickets.

Raffle Winners

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Andrew P.
Avery G.
Bradley M.
Caspian W.
Chloe C.
Chloe D.
Halyna F.
Jackson M.
Jackson S.
Jacob Z.
Jade L.
Marissa M.
Max R.
Maya P.
Nathan V.
Olivia S.
Owen A.
Peter C.
Sara P.
Shane M.

Classic Cinemas Movie Ticket

Alyssa H.
Angelina T.
Anthony M.
Asher D.
Asher S.
Brandon U.
Carter D.
Chloe C.
Connor L.
David N.
Ella L.
Ema M.
Emma T.
Evangeline K.
Gabriella J.
Jalal J.
Joe K.
Joshua W.
Lexi B.
Luka G.
Luna R.
Maya S.
Micaela B.
Nathan J.
Nick L.
Olivia M.
Owen P.
Ryan E.
Scott S.
Will W.

Paint by Sticker Book

Alivia P.
Andrew S.
Audrey E.
Hannah B.
Knox J.
Lucas R.
Mack F.
Makenna B.
Mit P.
Myles S.
Naomi N.
Nikola D.
Olivia J.
Owen L.
Quinn R.
Stefan S.
Thanushri T.
Tobi Z.
Victoria V.
Zori D.

Playground Ball

Ava K.
Brandon C.
Brayden S.
Chase P.
Esther F.
Ethan H.
Finn B.
Gabe N.
Hans K.
Henry B.
Jacob G.
Lucy C.
Makenna N.
Mila D.
Miles C.
Oliver S.
Ruth F.
Sloan A.
Sofia J.
Vishv F.

Wooden Puzzle

Aaron C.
Ady P.
Andrew M.
Brody M.
Camden K.
Cayden M.
Charlie B.
Evie V.
Galina K.
Genesis A.
Karolina C.
Kayla R.
Keziah W.
Lina B.
Madeline S.
Mia H.
Mia M.
Nathan R.
Sweta P.
Yana P.

Earn tickets towards the Grand Prize Drawing by reading and visiting the library each week. One ticket per week can be earned. You must visit the library that week to receive a ticket. Write your name and phone number on the ticket and place it in the bin of the prize you would like the win. Prizes include gift cards to Baskin Robins, Classic Cinemas, and Target