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Summer Reading ProgramYouth Services Summer Reading 2021

A Universe of Stories

June 7 - July 2021

How to Participate

Create a Beanstack account, and then register for the Reading Colors Your World challenge or download the Beanstack Tracker app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. Then, log the number of minutes you read in Beanstack.

If you already have a Beanstack account, log into your Beanstack account and find the Reading Colors Your World challenge under the Challenges tab to register.

You can receive a worksheet to track your reading when you are away from a computer. We ask that you update Beanstack before coming in to claim your prizes if you are using the worksheet.

Call the Youth Services Department at (847) 725-2167 for questions or help.

Prizes and Badges

You will earn a badge for every 50 minutes you read. Prizes for reading include a sun catcher decal, a t-shirt, a small item, a free McDonald's ice cream cone, and a book!

You can also earn badges for finishing certain activities. These are optional to finish the reading program. However, some of them can earn you a ticket towards the Final Prize Drawing.

Claiming Prizes

Prizes can be picked up at the Youth Services Desk starting June 14, 2021.

Final Prize Drawing

A total of four (4) tickets can be earned. Prizes for the final drawing include finger puppets, tie-dye kits, a drawstring backpack, gift cards to Barnes & Noble, and movie tickets to Classic Cinemas. In Beanstack, you can decide which prize you would like to win. The drawing will take place after July 31, 2021. Winners will be posted on this page and at the Youth Services Reference Desk.

Raffle Winners

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

August M.
Avery R.
Benjamin Z.
Blakelyn S.
Bradley M.
Caleb R.
David B.
Dean S.
Juliana S.
Kaavya P.
Kalki V.
Kaya S.
Kenndey L.
Keya P.
Keziah W.
Lucas M.
Maya P.
Mia C.
Miles S.
Natalie K.
Pranav G.
Ria P.
Ryan P.
Scott S.
Vishnu V.

Movie Ticket

Aleah K.
Alexander S.
Angela E.
Araya D.
Ben B.
Brooklyn G.
Cole H.
Daniel G.
Ellasyn B.
Emma D.
Emma K.
Evan M.
Gabe N.
Georgia S.
Gia F.
Giovanni C.
Gwen H.
Jeffrey H.
Kara D.
Kiley H.
Lilly S.
Lily C.
Maeve P.
Mason W.
Nolan D.
Nora L.
Phoebe W.
Robert P.
Ryan E.
Scott S.

Finger Puppet

Augustin T.
Benjamin S.
Calder L.
Calvin R.
Ellabel P.
Ian S.
Isaac N.
Jaxson K.
Liam F.
Luke K.
Madison J.
Noor B.
Owen Z.
Riley U.
Wesley B.


Aadi P.
Andrew S.
Breanne D.
Chloe S.
Ellana K.
Eva E.
Hannah L.
Isabel S.
Julia M.
Laasyapriya V.
Lucy M.
Marco L.
Margaret F.
Nakshatra R.
Owen P.
Samika P.
Sayana O.
Sumedha K.
Viktor K.
Willa T.
Zoe W.

Tie-Dye Kits

Amelie S.
Andrew C.
Andrew P.
Artur K.
Bradley S.
Brielle S.
Elise B.
Elyssa P.
Evelyn R.
Fiona N.
Gianna K.
Gustavo G.C. V.
Hiroki T.
Jackson S.
Jaxon N.
Joe K.
Justin P.
Kaleb S.
Lexi K.
Madelne C.
Marshall S.
Mia B.
Misha M.
Norah B.
Olivia E.
Paryush P.
Piha G.
Risha M.
Sabrina H.
Sadie C.
Tanvi K.
Theodora H.
Trishala P.
Veera M.
Vrund P.

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